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Great Groceries
Hello! I'm Megan from Sparkle Markets,
host of Great Groceries. Welcome to our Recipe Archive.
We hope that you find the archive easy to use.

For 2015 recipes visit The Great Groceries Cart!

For 2015 recipes go to The Great Groceries Cart! For older recipes you can search by using the Recipe Type and Food Type boxes below. The first box (recipe type), highlights main categories like Dinner, Lunch, Snacks, etc. The second box (food type) can be used to narrow down your search by highlighting different food types like meat, seafood, vegetarian, etc.

These boxes do not need to be used together.

If you know your favorite recipe from the date of the Great Groceries show it was on, you can also search simply by the date of the show, or view all of the recipes in our database by clicking 'Search for Recipes'.

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